Why Will It Take Sainsbury’s So Long?

I was very disappointed when around 14 months ago, Sainsbury’s launched their “no touch” packaging for raw chicken cuts.  This was following research that revealed that many under 35s were averse to touching raw meat for fear of food poisoning.

Katherine Hall, Product Development Manager for meat, fish and poultry told The Sunday Times, “Customers, particularly younger ones, are quite scared of touching raw meat”.

But now Sainsbury’s are back in favour after announcing that they are reducing plastic packaging by 50% over the next 5 years.  This is following a campaign by Greenpeace who ranked them as one of the worst offenders for plastic packaging.


Some of the alternatives will require customers to change their behaviour…

I wondered why it would take so long to accomplish the 50% reduction so I contacted Sainsbury’s via their Twitter account.  Here is their response –

“Hey Eco,  to meet this goal, Sainsbury’s will launch a programme to accelerate change.  This will include switching to alternative materials, using lighter weight plastics and introducing refillable packaging.  Following rigorous analysis of its plastic footprint, the key areas of focus are:  plastic milk bottles, packaging for fruit and vegetables, fizzy drinks, water and fruit juices.  

Some of these alternatives will require customers to change their behaviour.  For example, plastic milk bottles are currently one of largest sources of plastic packaging.  Sainsbury’s is reviewing alternative options including the introduction of refillable bottles, introducing returnable milk bottles or offering a reusable jug with milk in a lightweight plastic pouch – Fraser”

This move by Sainsbury’s goes to prove that people pressure really does work. Hopefully this will inspire other food chains to follow suit.

If you want to reduce your plastic footprint, please consider switching to some of these alternative products.

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