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The Latest Jugi Samgong Online Tricks
The Latest Jugi Samgong Online Tricks
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The Latest Jugi Samgong Online Tricks

Jugi Samgong Online

Surely you have often heard of the game of samgong or usually called gambling sakong, Sakong means Sa = 3 and Kong = 0. The game of samgong is similar to the game of blackjack, blackjack must collect a total of 21 while samgong has a total of 30.

Samgong is a type of gambling that uses playing cards which are usually also used in poker or blackjack games.

On this occasion we will discuss tricks on how to play samgong cards to win, which aims to prevent you from losing and to increase your winning percentage.

The samgong gambling game has often been played and has become one of the most legendary gambling games for its lovers, most samgong players are fathers or mothers, it does not mean that the current generation of children should not play.

Because this game is very fun and easy to play and there are more and more samgong game lovers, now poker agents have provided this type of game using an application that makes it easy for you to play via your smartphone or computer.

Each card in the game of samgong has the same value as listed on the card, except:

  • Ace – 10 can also be valued at 1 or 10
  • King, Queen and Jack cards are worth 10
  • The highest value on this game is 30.

At the beginning of the Samgong game, each player will be dealt 3 cards. You are asked to count or add up the possible values ​​on the card.

Cards that have not reached a total value of 25 are entitled to additional cards until the card reaches 25, the maximum additional card you can have is 2 cards so that the maximum number in the samgong game is 5 cards.

Players will face the city in this game, you will win if:

  • The value of your card is greater than the value of the card owned by the dealer
  • Your card value is below 30 but the dealer's card is more than 30

Similar to a poker game, right? Blackjack requires a score of 21 to win, while Samgong requires a value of 30 to win.

The explanation above supports the trick on how to play samgong cards so that you win so that it is maximally applied. You must first understand about the game of samgong, then you can run tricks on how to play samgong cards to win this.

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